How do you fondle a woman’s breasts?


How do you fondle a woman’s breasts?


It refers to the action of putting your head or face between a woman’s breasts and moving from side to side, quickly, making noise, much like a motorboat. The image and the sound you produce are quite hilarious. Of course, it helps if your partner’s breasts are large and generous enough to make this kind of noise, although you can technically do this with smaller-breasted women as well.

Why is “groping” so popular?

While the noise and action has no effect in terms of a woman’s pleasure, being able to do it, especially if she has heavier or larger breasts, seems to be every man’s fantasy. It can be a simple, fun action to let her know how fabulous her breasts are and how much you enjoy them (visually and otherwise). But it can be a real mood killer if you do it more than once. So, in everyone’s interest, keep “groping” to a minimum. Straight men seem to be fascinated by larger breasts and their ability to get lost in them.

Other ways for “groping” your breasts

Well, since we’re on the topic, we might as well enlighten you. There are other more seductive (and subtle) techniques to appreciate your breasts. First of all, breasts have three main erogenous zones:

  • her nipples (obviously),
  • areolas (a scientifically sound term for the darker areas around the nipples),
  • the breasts themselves.

Of course, you could run your palms flat against them, twist her nipples and even run your tongue up and down. She’ll love the feel and it’ll definitely get her going. Not to mention that you’ll finally be able to satisfy your desire to caress this sweet erotic spot. Don’t forget that a woman’s body, the way she reacts and the way she gets aroused, is all about sweetness.

Foreplay is incredibly important, and if you manage to bring it out, you will be well rewarded afterwards. While men can stand at attention fairly quickly, women’s bodies take more time and attention to “lighten up”. But it’s also a matter of subtlety and nuance.

Her sensitive breasts are a win-win situation for you, especially if you use this technique. Caress her from behind, starting with the palms of your hands against her breasts. Let them hover a few millimetres away from her skin, but do not make any real contact. She will automatically lean over your palms as she arches her back. At this point, when you feel her nipples reach your palms, rub them gently in circles. Gentle rubbing is the key here. Then, begin to gently make this movement all over the breast but letting your hands hover again. The action will excite her because it’s the microscopic hairs and super-sensitive nerves under her breasts that anticipate the touch.


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