How do you deal with women with small breasts?

small breasts

How do you deal with women with small breasts?

Breasts are an object of fantasy. Many men fixate on larger breasts. However, not all girls have 95F breasts, nor are they exciting for all men.

So why not settle for small breasts? After all, they are just as beautiful, and the only difference is the size. This article explains how to date girls with small breasts, how to satisfy them in bed, and how to keep them happy for as long as the relationship lasts.

Find the right sexual positions for your partner

First of all, let’s dive straight into what really matters; your sex life.

Many men don’t understand it immediately, but the size of a woman’s breasts can influence the sexual positions they (and their partner) enjoy most. So adapt your sexual technique to the shape of their body.

For example, a woman’s small breasts can be an asset. These girls may be more mobile when they stand on top, exploring areas of your body and overlapping in ways that girls with large breasts find more difficult.

Find out how she wants you to stimulate her small breasts

Here’s another sexual oddity about small breasts: they are actually much more sensitive than larger ones. This study was done by sexologists, so it’s not just anecdotal. Small nipples really respond more passionately to your touch, and girls with small bust love it when men find the right way to stimulate them.

Be sure to ask her if she’s okay and what she likes. Try sexual positions that allow you to hold her breasts when you penetrate her, and don’t just assume she’s having a good time, turn those super-sensitive nipples to your advantage.

Don’t be surprised on the first date

Here’s another important thing to know. Girls with smaller breasts often use push-up bras to make them look bigger than they actually are. This is completely natural and is routine on first dates.

As a man, don’t be surprised when you go home and find that her breasts are smaller than you imagined. And don’t look disappointed. Work with her as she is, and you’ll soon fall in love with her more compact endowments, instead of turning her off right away.

small breasts

Girls with small breasts stay younger, longer.

If you play the long game and think she might be “the one”, you’re in luck. Girls with smaller breasts are much more likely to maintain their youthful appearance into their 30s and 40s than women with much larger breasts.

That’s just basic anatomy. As women age, they naturally lose their firmness and begin to sag their breasts, often making them look older. This may seem like a rather superficial reason to go with girls with small nipples, but it’s something you’ll appreciate in ten years.

Take her insecurity into consideration when having a sexual conversation.

There’s no way out. Many girls with smaller breasts suffer from insecurity about the size of their breasts. This varies from person to person, to be sure, but no girl likes to be told that she has tiny breasts, and she likes compliments about the beauty of her body.

So try to be sensitive when talking about your body. Tell her how much you like her figure, but don’t talk about her bust. Show how much you love her in the physical sense, a language she can’t confuse with insincerity.

Don’t focus the conversation too much on the small breasts

Similarly, never suggest that your girlfriend with small breasts should have them operated on. Nowadays, breast enlargement is quite common and millions of women have benefited from it. You can rest assured that your girlfriend knows all about it.

She may have considered having the surgery, or she may have talked about it with her friends. What she doesn’t need is for her boyfriend to talk to her about it, as if he were doing her a favour. Leave it up to her. It’s a conversation that can only end badly.

Prepare to have before you a woman of many dimensions…

At the risk of generalizing a bit, these women tend to focus more on socialization, challenging gender barriers and using their brains in general. This is not to say that they are all hard-core feminists. It just means that they are likely to be more versatile and interesting than girls who rely on their figures for attention.

They can certainly stop traffic because of their beauty, but they often have more developed personalities to go with it.

Don’t hesitate to offer lingerie gifts

Girls with smaller breasts are as crazy about beautiful bras, basques and corsets as any other type of girl. In fact, they may appreciate them even more as a way to accentuate their slimmer figure and add an extra element of eroticism to the bed.

Don’t think they won’t love luxury lingerie as a gift. Just because they have smaller breasts doesn’t mean they are different. So go to lingerie stores on Valentine’s Day and you’ll be on the right track.

small breasts

Clothes look great on women with small breasts.

In fact, girls with slender silhouettes and small breasts are often among the most fashionable. You only have to watch a fashion show to understand why.

The vast majority of the world’s supermodels are skinny, smaller-breasted beauties, and your girlfriend may very well base her image on them. It also means that she’ll have plenty of outfits to wear and that you can give her as a gift on special occasions.

Size isn’t everything

If you learn about her sexual desires, buy the right gifts, avoid offending her and follow through, you’ll find it’s easy and incredibly rewarding to date women with tiny breasts.

There’s more to life than massive busts, so don’t limit yourself to them. A slender beauty with small breasts could be your ideal partner.


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