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masturbate in front of the camera

11 ways to masturbate in front of the camera

For a long time, criticized and designated as the source of many diseases and curses, the benefits of masturbation for the body and sexual life are now recognized in the medical world. However, although it is delightful to satisfy yourself, varying techniques and methods can spice up and make your masturbation sessions more pleasant and …


How do you fondle a woman’s breasts?

Motorboating It refers to the action of putting your head or face between a woman’s breasts and moving from side to side, quickly, making noise, much like a motorboat. The image and the sound you produce are quite hilarious. Of course, it helps if your partner’s breasts are large and generous enough to make this …

small breasts

How do you deal with women with small breasts?

Breasts are an object of fantasy. Many men fixate on larger breasts. However, not all girls have 95F breasts, nor are they exciting for all men. So why not settle for small breasts? After all, they are just as beautiful, and the only difference is the size. This article explains how to date girls with …